If you are looking for an efficient and reliable company to manage your house, Holidays4u is the perfect partner.

We are located near your apartment, townhouse or villa and we provide a range of several services to meet all your needs when living abroad.

Our main work areas in management are: property supervision; bills payments and services reservations. If you need a service not listed bellow let us know and we will find a solution.

Property Supervision

  •   Weekly regular visits to your apartment, townhouse or villa
  •   Empty dehumidifiers
  •   Verifying equipments, bulbs, shutters and boiler
  •   Check mailbox
  •   Suppliers access to the property when necessary


  •   Utility bills, electricity, water and gas
  •   Council taxes - IMI
  •   TV, internet, insurances, condominium and others


  •   Cleaning and laundry services for the property
  •   Organize income tax - IRS
  •   Keys delivery to owners, guests
  •   Concierge service: rent a car, restaurants, flowers, taxi, others
  •   House repairs quotes and works supervision